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A spectacular location with in Houston Clear Lake, an exciting range of homes, recreational facilities unique to Pineloch Community Association, and excellent Clear Creek ISD schools are some of the many reasons why Pineloch Community Association remains one of the area’s finest communities in which to invest your family’s lives and dollars.

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From Our Community

Board Communication Letter


Board Communication Letter

27 January 2017


Dear Fellow Residents of Pineloch:

             We had a Board Meeting last night at the Associa Offices at 17049 El Camino Real.  Here are my recollections from the meeting (the meeting minutes will appear on our website soon, but I thought this presentation would be more personable).

             Board President Clement George presided over the meeting, Pat McCormack was elected to be Vice President for 2017, Omar Abotteen was elected to be Secretary/Treasurer and Michael Pelton joined the Board.

             The collection of association dues is going very well this year with approximately 30% of our members either paying in December or starting the optional association dues payment plan. 

             We had a number of action items that were approved and a few more that will need to be discussed further.  Because of vandalism to a few of the signs on our entrance monuments that included hacksawing through the 3/8 inch bolts securing letters to the monuments, we started discussion of having monument sign plaques.  These discussions are preliminary in that we are looking at the material that would be used for the plaque and at how that plaques could be secured to the monuments to limit vandalism.

 Upgrades were approved for the follow locations:

1.    The Clear Lake City Monuments at Pineloch and Hwy 3 will be painted.There is one monument on each side of Pineloch.

2.     There will be major landscaping around these monuments to include crepe myrtles and viburnums.

3.     There will be a landscape upgrade at the monument sign at Village Evergreen and Pineloch.

4.     Trees (Red Oak, Crape Myrtle, and Redbud Eastern Clump) will be added at Penn Hill Park.

A few trees Redbud Eastern Clump and one Little Gem Magnolia) will be added at the entrance on Manor Hill at Pineloch.

6.     Shrubs at the Colony Glen Cul de Sac will be replaced

7.     Motion was made and accepted to inquire about the cost of striping one pickleballcourt at both the Bay Knoll and Penn Hills.

 Respectfully submitted,

Pat McCormack




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Mabry Mill pool 2
Mabry Mill pool 2

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