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Welcome to Makahuena AOAO!
It is a rare opportunity to be able to view both the sunrise and sunset from one location, and you will find it here at this luxurious oceanfront condominium development located in sunny Poipu Beach on the southernmost point of Kauai. Enjoy watching the crashing waves, dancing sea turtles and playful whales from your lanai, and then wander along the beautiful grounds to the tennis court, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and bbq.

Makahuena AOAO is located within walking distance to the Grand Hyatt, Brenneke Beach and Poipu Beach State Park and is surrounded by bountiful shopping, outdoor activities and award-winning restaurants.

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From Our Community

President's Message

Aloha Makahuena Homeowners,


This Board has been operating for half of its term and we would like you to share our current status and accomplishments on behalf of us all.


Building #4 Cantilever:

The cantilever project is complete except for the painting. The posts will be the brown of the trim and the under facings the light color of the building.  The steel posts have been wrapped in wood with detailed footings.  We are very pleased to say that there were no unexpected issues or problems encountered during, or as a result of, the project.  (See photos all attached)



All of the units have been rekeyed; new keys have been distributed.


CIRI update:

We met this week with five representatives of CIRI including Sophie Minich, their president.

At the meeting CIRI outlined their plans for developing the 13 acre parcel of land next to Building 4 of the Makahuena. Project details can be seen by copy and pasting the link below (particularly look at the attachments which include their current draft master plan). CIRI indicated that they have received all permits necessary to proceed with the project.


A summary of the essential points of our discussion are noted below:

  • Preliminary work will commence in October of 2016 and will initially be mainly confined to the Northeast corner of the property (next to South Point).
  • In January 2017 through March 31st 2017 the major work will take place to re-contour the property so as to make it suitable for building 10 single family homes.
  • The County of Kauai has limited major earthwork to this short time period in order that the Shearwaters are protected.
  • Work during this time will include blasting and rock crushing as well as normal earth moving. The contractor doing this work is Earthworks Pacific, Inc. CIRI is also retaining the services of an independent blasting expert who will be monitoring the work and any effects on The Makahuena buildings.
  • To mitigate dust, the contractor will use a combination of fabric construction screens and water trucks.
  • The contractor is also aware that there could be some “rodent migration” and will be addressing that matter on a proactive basis (no details yet).
  • The main impact to us during this three-month period will be noise – mainly from the rock crushers and vehicles backing up – this noise will probably affect most units at The Makahuena.
  • We showed CIRI the views from several units in building 4 so they could visualize how construction will affect those units.
  • The shoreline path will be blocked for some time during the initial earthmoving phase so perhaps access through Poipu Kai might be our best bet.

CIRI seemed to be very concerned that the project is “done right” and inconveniences its neighbors as little as possible – however they stopped short of offering us any monetary compensation for that major (although temporary) inconvenience – we did ask. We do believe that if any significant problems do occur that CIRI will step in and correct those problems – based on previous construction projects that they have completed throughout the USA.

When the site preparation is completed CIRI anticipates selling the lots for well in excess of $1million apiece so the homes should be beautiful and enhance our property values which is the hoped for offset to the short term pain we will suffer.

We have established a communication line with CIRI and Earthworks Pacific so if you have questions please email me at rsdavey@yahoo.com. We will give you updates as we get new information.

Roger Davey



Castle Resort and Hotels:

The long term lease and association with Castle Resort and Hotels terminates October 31, 2016.  The storage space under building #5 which has been rented by Castle has been cleaned out and the office has been closed for work and is almost empty.  The Board is working with the county to recapture the forms submitted by the Makahuena in 1979 to 1980 to determine the usage permitted for the back office.  We are actively seeking another tenant that does not bear the distinction of being a hotel or resort.  We are working with the real estate community and the banking community to erase the classification of the Makahuena as a 'condotel'.  From this day forth the former "Front Office" shall be referred to as the "Site Managers Office".  All Castle rentals (there are currently 5) will be managed through Poipu Shores.  All maintenance and cleaning of Castle units will be managed off site.  If you should see on line reference to the Makahuena as a Castle Resort or Hotel please bring the site to the attention of the board.


Injection Well:

We have contacted Roland Sagum from Applied Planning Systems whom we hired in 2002 to plan our request for Proposed Maintenance and Improvements to the Existing wastewater treatment plant and the construction of a new six inch diameter 150 foot deep injection well to be constructed in the parking lot as a backup for our existing system.  He is reviewing his plans developed for us and will prepare a bid to complete the planning for a new well to be situated in the parking lot.  The old well on the green between the house and building five will be decommissioned in the process.  Ted Baldau of Tropical Marine Environments will provide a bid for the design and permitting.  Last but not least we are looking to secure a drilling contractor.  To insure a proper progression of this project we are having the current injection well air lifted to decrease silt and sediment which will give us working leeway to plan and implement the new well by increasing the capacity of the current operating well. The well clean out will be a one day project and will to some extent limit a portion of parking lot accessibility.



We are working with Readyman Plumbing to locate the proper site to implement a water pressure reducer.  All of the stack values have been updated and are functional.  It is believed that a reduction in water pressure will help to eliminate unnecessary floods and pipe breakage.



We have secured a couple of bids for the roof and are waiting to get two more.  It is likely that the cost to complete the project will exceed the amount currently budgeted.  Luckily we have saved a considerable amount of money this year that can be delegated to the reserves to make up the difference.  The project is now slated for 2017.


Parking Lot:

We are planning to issue parking stickers for each car either in use or stored in the parking lot.  Each owner will be asked to provide the Site Manager with a description of the car (i.e. Gray Dodge) the license plate and a copy of the certificate of registration.  Rental agents will be provided with stickers to give to renters in their initial package.  All cars in the lot with covers must be stored in the back (street side) of the parking lot.  Our security team has been keeping track of local traffic at the Makahuena and this measure is being taken to insure the safety and security of Makahuena homeowners. Cars that fail to meet the criteria will be towed.


Thank you,

Judy Foss

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