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Living in Belvedere on Hamilton Pool Road
The Belvedere community is designed to be environmentally sensitive and to be a positive steward of our land. Design features include:

LIMITED IMPERVIOUS COVER. With 1 to 3 acre home sites, and only 15% impervious cover for the entire community, we are planning for our good earth to absorb normal rainfall.

RAIN WATER HARVESTING. We have installed a rain harvest system at the amenity center to collect roof rainfall and use for amenity center landscape irrigation water.

NATIVE LANDSCAPING. We have designed the amenity center landscape system using native plants, and the irrigation system will use soakers and bubblers.

PERVIOUS PARKING. The amenity center parking area is installed with pervious concrete, so the rain water will flow through the parking material instead of washing into our streams and ponds.

NATURE PRESERVE. We are preserving over 80 acres of Nature Preserve in our community of 443 acres.

PERVIOUS CONCRETE NATURE TRAILS. Using pervious concrete, we plan to install nature trails in the nature preserve
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