Trash Removal
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Trash Removal
Find out information on trash pick up dates and locations as well as recycling, if available in the community.
Trash Removal is provided by the City of Richardson.
Information is available through the City of Richardson website at:

Each household in Richardson is provided with regular trash collection service twice each week. All trash must be easily accessible and located only at the collection point.

Trash pickup is Tuesday & Friday with Friday also being Recycling day (blue bags).

Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) is a service offered to Richardson residents at no additional charge. The service is designed to help residents dispose of large amounts of brush or oversized items like unwanted appliances or furniture that cannot be placed out for regular trash collection.

Three Ways to Request a Brush or Bulky Item Collection
City code requires residents to request brush or bulky item collection service prior to placing an item on the parkway for collection.
• Call the Response Center line (972) 744-4111 and use prompt 1
• Call the Response Center line (972) 744-4111 and press 7 to speak to an attendant
• Or fill out an Online Request

Wyndsor Estates BABIC collection day is Friday
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