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Learn about meetings and events in your community! If you are interested in starting a club or group, please contact the board of directors or your community manager.
Architectural Control Committee
This committee is headed up by Ron Banks.

The Wyndsor Architectural Control Committee (ACC) was formed under Article V of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Wyndsor Estates. The purpose of the committee is to enforce the architectural standards of the community and to approve or disapprove plans for improvements proposed for the properties. The article states that no building, fence, wall, outbuilding, landscaping, or other structure or improvement shall be erected, altered, added onto or repaired upon any portion of the property without prior written consent of the ACC. Prior to the initiation of any such construction or repairs the home owner will submit an ACC form and a complete set of plans and specifications for the proposed improvements. This is to include any site plans, grading plans, landscape plans, elevations, specifications of exterior colors and materials, or anything else pertinent to describing the improvements planned. If a contractor is used, the home owner will identify the person or company to perform the work to include start and end dates for the improvement. Upon receipt of all necessary forms and supporting documents, the ACC has 30 days to approve or disapprove the submission. However, if the submission has not been denied within the 30 day period from the receipt of the last supporting document, it is approved without further action. The decision of the ACC will be based on Association guidelines and local covenants.

The committee is comprised of three members: Ron Banks, Chairman Bud Wilson Bob Bookhammer

Download ACC form, then print the form, fill it out, and mail the form to:
Jennifer Rewerts
Principal Management Group
12700 Park Central Dr.
Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75251

If you have trouble downloading the form, email for an emailed form.

Crime Watch Committee
Block Captains - This position forwards crime watch emails from the Richardson PD to the neighbors on their block and will work/consult with the board on other HOA business as their time permits, or if they are interested.

Please use the link below to view a list of Block Captains (you must be logged into the website to open the file):
Crime Watch Block Captains

Landscape Committee
The Wyndsor Estates Landscape Committee represents the interests of all residents by working with our landscape maintenance company to monitor and improve the common area landscape. The Committee currently consists of five individuals:
John Briscoe
Dale Saunders
Dale DuBord
Carey Hall

The Committee meets with the contractor 46 times per year to review the common area landscape throughout the property and to addresses any landscaping concerns . The committee solicits bids for assorted improvement initiatives and recommends selected improvement initiatives to the Board. Once approved, the committee works with the contractor to schedule, complete, and review the activity. The Committee welcomes input from all residents. The committee also welcomes additional committee members.

Welcome Committee
Jenny Brookhar has volunteered to be the chairperson for a newly formed Welcome Committee, and she needs volunteers to help.

Spirit Committee
The Spirit Committee is responsible for awarding Yard of the Month signs and recognition to several homeowners per month who have gone above and beyond their normal yard and garden maintenance and have their property looking exceptionally great. This committee is being revamped to include updated signs, additional rewards, recognition and prizes. To participate, please contact the committee chairperson, Debra Savon.

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