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Welcome to The Gateway Grand!
We are a breathtakingly beautiful oceanfront high-rise condominium with an incomparable vista of the Atlantic Ocean and Assawoman Bay, located in one of the nation’s favorite family-friendly resorts that is within walking distance to many of the area’s most popular restaurants and nightlife and close to 17 of Maryland and Delaware’s finest golfing destinations. With a full time management, engineering, after-hours manned desk, and concierge team, homeowners and guests can expect world class service every day of the week.

Owners, you may access our most often used forms through the For New Members page or the All Documents page (please note, you will be prompted to log in).

For new home sales, visit us online at www.TheGatewayGrand.com.

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Rental Registration and Fee Reminder

The summer rental season is rapidly approaching. As a reminder, owners who rent are subject to and required to submit certain information. As a refresher, please review the following items associated with rental units:

The $65 per week rental administrative fee was implemented effective January 1, 2017.  Unit owners may choose to be invoiced monthly or have their renter pay the fee during registration.

  • All rental units must register with the Association and have their lease agreements approved by the Board.  Registration involves submission of the Rental Unit Contact Form, which is due by May 15th.
  • Please provide the name and contact information for the rental agency you have selected for 2017.  If you will not be using a rental agency, please provide current contact information for the person responsible for the rental unit. 
  • Rentals must be for a minimum of seven (7) consecutive days.  Mini-weeks or other short-term leases are not permitted at any time during the year.
  • A copy of the noise ordinance permit must be provided to Management prior to expiration of the current permit.  By agreement with the Town of Ocean City, the permit is kept in a binder at the front desk rather than being posted on your unit door. 
  • Each renter is required to sign the Renter Rules and Regulations Agreement prior to or during onsite registration.  If there is no signed form on file at the time the renter arrives for registration, they will be asked to sign a copy at the front desk. 
  • If you use your own lease agreement for private rentals, your lease agreement must have prior Board approval.  If you currently use a lease agreement that has not been approved by the Board, please submit it to vhall@legumnorman.com  Coldwell Banker, Central Reservation and Vantage Resort Realty leases are considered as approved ‘form’ leases; therefore, we do not require individual copies from owners. 
  • If you schedule a private rental (i.e., not through a rental agency), please let us know at least 24 hours in advance of check-in.  We prepare a rental package and parking passes ahead of time to make the rental registration as efficient as possible. 
  •  The staff of The Gateway Grand will not be responsible for maintaining, issuing or collecting keys on behalf of owners who choose not to use a rental company.
  • Please provide an updated Unit Access Form for the cleaning company you have selected for 2017.  This includes rental agencies and other cleaning contractors.  Forms can be emailed or faxed upon request.

Pet Registrations

In accordance with Resolution 2012-4 Pet Policy Amendment, approved by the Board of Directors effective May 1, 2012, each Unit Owner shall pay an initial pet registration fee in the amount of $100.00 for each new pet that is required to be registered with the Association.  Additionally, on May 1 each year thereafter, each Unit Owner shall pay an annual pet registration renewal fee in the amount of $25.00 for each pet. 

If you have not already done so, please submit the following for your annual pet registration for this year no later than May 1, 2017.  If you have a new pet, please register your pet with the Association and also submit in addition to the items below, a picture of your pet for our records.

      -  annual registration fee, payable to Gateway Grand
Updated vaccination records

Once we have received your payment and updated shot records we will provide you with a new pet tag for each pet that is registered with the Association. The new tag is large and is to be displayed on the leash of your pet at all times while on Gateway Grand property. If you have already provided us the items mentioned above, please see a member of Management for your pets new tag(s).

 Pet records and the registration fee can be mailed to The Gateway Grand C/O General Manager Two 48th Street Ocean City, MD 21842.  You may also drop these items off at the Management office. 

If you no longer have your pet or are not planning to bring your pet with you, please let a member of the Management team know and we will update our records.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (410) 723-1119.

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