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Welcome to Fossil Hill Estates HOA!
Fossil Hill Estates is a beautiful community in the spawling Alliance Corridor in Fort Worth, Texas. The community is served by the highly acclaimed Northwest Independent School District, and a short driving distance from great area attractions including Texas Motor Speedway, Sundance Square, and Cablea's The World Foremost Outfitter.

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Street Safety

Summer is here which means more and more people will be out on the streets to enjoy the evening and night hours. Drivers should be alert of their surroundings no matter what part of the day it is. Defensive Driving helps avoid accidents.

The speed limit for a residential area in Texas is 30 MPH. Even though an average driver only takes 1-½ seconds to think, react and apply the brakes, it will still take a vehicle moving at 30 MPH at least 109 feet to come to a complete stop. Children, pedestrians, and bicyclists are just some examples of what a driver should watch for when entering a residential area. Speed limits should always be obeyed, but speed must be adjusted so that accidents will be avoided. Remember: a good driver knows when to slow down.

However, pedestrians and bicyclists must observe the rules of the road too. Pedestrians should always wear white or light colored clothing, or carry a light or reflector when walking at night. Walking on the left side of the road is preferred if there are no sidewalks. Step off the pavement when a car approaches. Also, look both ways before crossing the street and before stepping from behind park cars. Bicyclists should always observe all traffic laws, signs, and signals. Never ride opposite the flow of traffic, and stop at all stop signs and red lights. Also, it is highly suggested to wear an approved bicycle helmet.

Thank you for keeping our streets safe. Have a safe and fun summer!

Fort Worth Emergency Management - Nixle Alert Texts

Fort Worth’s Emergency Management recommends residents register to receive free Nixle emergency text alerts on their smart phones or home e-mails. All Fort Worth residents can register online or simply use their smart phone to text their ZIP code to 888777.

Deaf, hard of hearing or blind Fort Worth residents may also register for the Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS), which sends emergency messages in American Sign Language, English voice and text, and Braille. Register for AHAS online.

To learn more, contact Emergency Management Coordinator Juan Ortiz at 817-392-8866

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Zenia Profusion

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Board Member Responsibilities

The Board is ultimately responsible for the oversight of the community association ("the buck stops with the Board"). Although the Board may retain and delegate some of its duties to volunteers, contractors and professionals, the Board is still ultimately responsible for the duties it may have assigned to others.

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