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Fox Grove Overall Development Plan Approval and Annexation


          Fox Grove background

Fox Grove is a proposed residential development on about 36 acres south of where Carriage Parkway is blocked off and west of the green space behind Brumby Lane.  Carriage Parkway will be the only entrance into Fox Grove until Carriage is extended to Prospect Road to the south.  The original plan was for single family, duplex, triplex and condo units and there was very little open space.  The HOA Board strongly opposed the original plan and asked for lower density and more open space.  Eventually the City planning staff supported the same and the developer submitted a revised plan with single family homes only and more open space.  


When the Fox Grove development was first proposed, the HOA Board began to dig into the possibility of annexation into Fort Collins.  The original plan was that we would be annexed into Fort Collins, but Fort Collins and Timnath reached an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) in 2009 which placed us in Timnath’s Growth Management Area (GMA).  The HOA Board circulated a petition within Clydesdale Park and 257 residents and lot owners signed it requesting annexation into Fort Collins.  The Board formally requested annexation.  Fort Collins and Timnath reopened their IGA and at least in draft form Clydesdale Park is back in the Fort Collins GMA.  Fort Collins officials have said they will proceed with our annexation once that amended IGA is final.  The annexation process generally takes about three months once it begins.


Update as of June 9, 2014:

 1.  Restart annexation process:  Fort collins, with the agreement of Timnath and Larimer County, has restarted our annexation process even though the amended Inter Government Agreement between Timnath and Fort Collins has not been finalized.  We continue to hope that our annexation can be completed before the final Fox Grove decisions are on the table. 

2.  New schedule:  The new schedule for steps of the annexation process has been set (see FoxGrove Draft Timeline Schedule link below).  If the schedule holds, final approval would occur in Mid-October.

3.  Q&A's:  The HOA Board forwarded several questions about annexation that we have heard from Members.  Jason Holland, the city planner working on our annexation, did an exceptional job of getting written answers to those questions (see link on Q&A's below).  We very much appreciate Jason's excellent work in providing us this information.

4.  Future hearing dates:  Be on the lookout for hearing dates before the City of Fort Collins Planning and Zoning Board and the City Council concerning our request.

From everything the Board has seen to date, we continue to be cautiously optimistic about our annexation prospects.


Update as of April, 2014:

Fox Grove Overall Development Plan (ODP) Approved

The Planning and Zoning Board approved the proposed ODP on Thursday, April 10th.  This included approval for modifications to the land use code that reduces housing density and increases open space by a reduction in density to 3 homes per acre, permitting single family homes within ¼ of I25, and permitting single family homes throughout.  Thank you for those of you who wrote letters, attended the hearing, and yielded time to the HOA Board to make our case.  Hopefully the Project Development Plan will look like the concept plan we saw earlier.  We were not successful in getting a separate entrance for construction vehicles, but were successful at pointing out the importance of safety and sediment controls when construction vehicles do use Carriage Parkway in the future.


Annexation is still on hold


Questions?  contact the Executive Board at:  boardmembers@clydesdaleparkhoa.com

Below are some documents regarding the Fox Grove ODP Approval and Annexation.  (These were also e-mailed to all Homeowners.  If you want to be on the e-mail list, contact the Executive Board.)

June 2014 City of Fort Collins Q&A
June 2014 City of Fort Collins FoxGove Draft Time Line
Fox Grove Concept Plan - 2014-02-14
Tax and Services Brief on Consequence of Annexation - 2013-08-30
Growth Management Area Letter to FC Mayor - 2013-07-21
Overall Development Plan Condition Letter to FC Mayor - 2014-03-27
Talking Points for P&Z Board ODP Meeting - 2014-04-18
HOA Petition Letter to FC Mayor re Annexation - 2013-10-15


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