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Welcome to Belmont Greene Community Association
Belmont Greene Community Association is a TND or Traditional Neighborhood Designed community. The residents of Belmont Greene strive toward making their TND community become the quintessential American village; a traditional neighborhood offering the charm of an era gone by.

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From Our Community

Important Information Regarding Temporary Parking Restrictions

Beginning Monday, July 27th and continuing for approximately 10 weekdays thereafter (weather permitting), it will be necessary to establish temporary No Parking restrictions on various streets throughout Belmont Greene during the day to allow our tree care company, The Care of Trees, to apply a spray treatment to our street trees infested with scale insects. The schedule of No Parking restrictions by street can be found below.

All vehicles must be moved off the streets scheduled for treatment by 7am on the planned treatment date. Please park on an unaffected side street or in your garage/parking pad. Vehicles will be able to return after 7pm on the planned treatment date.

Schedule of No Parking Restrictions By Street

Monday, July 27th:
- Branower St

Tuesday, July 28th:
- Chesterton St (between Leier Pl and Portsmouth Blvd)
- Leier Place

Wednesday, July 29th:
- Chesterton St (between Portsmouth Blvd and Charter Oak Dr)
- Tholen St

Thursday, July 30th:
- Brookton Way
- Tilberg St
- Vermeer St

Friday, July 31st:
- Bowfonds St (between Night Café Alley and Chesterton St)
- Charter Oak Dr (between Chesterton St and Needham Way)

Monday, August 3rd:
- Charter Oak Dr (between Zeist Alley and Chesterton St)
- Chesterton St (between Charter Oak Dr and Hartwell St)
- Gasoline Alley/Backlot Alley
- Hartwell St (between Zeist Alley and Chesterton St)
- Hartwell St (between Chesterton St and Catslide Alley)
- Plainfield St

Tuesday, August 4th: Peckham St

Wednesday, August 5th: Middlebury St (between Portsmouth Blvd and Charter Oak Dr)

Thursday, August 6th:
- Bowfonds St (between Nashua St and Middlebury St)
- Nashua St (42948-42997 between Bowfonds St and Middlebury St)

Friday, August 7th:
- Chesterton St (between Hartwell St and Middlebury St)
- Hartwell St (between Catslide Alley and Redfield St)
- Hazleton Way
- Kirkland St
- Middlebury St (between Charter Oak Dr and Chesterton St)
- Middlebury St (between Chesterton St and Corning Way)
- Nashua St (42860-42921 between Middlebury St and Charter Oak Dr)
- Nashua St (between Charter Oak Dr and Bowfonds St)
- Redfield St.



Easement Clearing Along Belmont Ridge Road

       In the Fall of 2013, the Belmont Greene HOA Board of Directors voted to allow the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority to purchase an easement in common area owned by the Association along Belmont Ridge Road behind the homes on  Middlebury Street.  Loudoun County Sanitation Authority purchased this easement for the purpose of installing an underground sanitation pipe along Belmont Ridge Road for their Potomac Water Supply Plan program.


Recently, Loudoun Water has had the easement area surveyed and both wooden markers and yellow tape have been placed indicating the area which will be cleared to allow for the eventual installation of the sanitary sewer line.  The contractor is beginning to clear the easement now.  The purpose of this communication is to make you aware of this work and to give you a head’s-up to expect to see construction vehicles entering and exiting the easement/construction areas.


To learn more about the  project, visit the following website: http://www.loudounwater.org/Residential-Customers/Potomac-Water-Supply-Program/.


If you have any further questions, please email greenehouse@comcast.net.



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Doggie Dip-Dive Day 2004

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